Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Quest for fun!

So waking up this morning I felt better than I had for a while, so I convinced Travis to take us up Milk Creek and light a fire for us to roast marsh mellows and hot dogs. We load up and head off only to end up TRYING to enjoy ourselves as Aric, Ezra and Taylor found it very cold and were not interested in waiting around for Travis to get the wet materials lit and burning. Then Aric slipped into the water (nothing serious just his feet) and while trying to warm them by the fire he fell into it, (again not serious as Travis caught him by the back of his jacket and pulled him out before he really hit so no burn) I think if we heard "I want to go home" one more time Travis was going to go postal. That being said I did get some fun pictures. Check them out:

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