Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sleep Talking!

Talking in our sleep runs in our family. Both my sisters and I do it (when I worked at a restaurant after closing I would fall into bed and pass out exhausted, my little sister would come into my room and make me "serve her in my sleep. She would make me go through the specials and all the different kinds of dressings etc She would laugh so hard eventually I would finally wake up and kick her out of the room) and I know my husband does (We will never forget his "Well, did you find me pony collection?" And now my three kids do it.

Sydney's comments are the best though, "The fat man put the licorice on the grass!" and "One more beaver aught to do the trick!" are among the top comments.

As I am sitting in me rocking chair at almost 2:00 am I am trying not to laugh as Taylor (laying on the couch behind me) is apparently having a dream about being "Super Mario". While Sydney in her room is yelling at Taylor to stop cheating. Add in to that my Sister's dog Molly who is laying next to Taylor apparently chasing something as her little legs are going a hundred miles per hour and she keeps sleep growling.

I suppose if I have to be awake I am glad I am well entertained.

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