Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday we got a form sent home asking permission for Sydney to attend a Math Team Audition. It is on Wednesday after school from 1:40-2:40. This just makes it normal hours on Wednesday's as it is the only day of the week that we weren't picking her up at 2:40. So, Daddy and I talked and went a head and singed the form, but did all the work about she's only in 4th grade, (Math Team is open for 4 and 5 graders) so if she didn't make it this time she could try out again next year if it was something that she wanted to do. The audition (side point here I just think that is the weirdest thing to call a test) was this afternoon. The very nice teacher addressed the fourth graders that were there and said that it is very rare for a 4th grader to make the team, and that isn't being mean it's just what they must know to compete against other schools, the average 4th grade is just being taught and can't be expected to know it at the level of perfection they want with their competitors. So little Miss Syd sits down to her audition test (All multiplication and division of varying degrees of hardness) and takes it up to the teacher in such a timely manner that the teacher that she  was giving up on the test do to a typical 4th  graders skill. She found out instead that Sydney had not only completed the test in a timely manner but also with 100% and she was told on the spot that she made it onto the math team.

I wish I had pictures of her, Grandma Carl, and I doing a "she got into mathleats" song and damce. It was awesome.

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