Thursday, January 3, 2013


Sydney and I have been trudging our way through series.  I am a firm believer in reading a book BEFORE watching the movies made from it. We read (much to the displeasure of some of our family) the entire Harry Potter Series, reading each book then watching the movie, moving onto the next book and so on.  After 7 incredible books finding another series to sink our teeth into has been difficult, but this is our special mom and Sydney time and having struggled to find a series has meant that we haven't been having that time together. We started and stopped a few series as we just had a hard time getting into a new one, some were not exciting enough after the Harry Potter series, some were to grown up and therefore to boring (sigh) some she wanted to read but I think she is to young for (huge sigh from her lol) but I have finally giving in and we have started the Hunger games series. So many of her classmates have seen the movie and she wants to watch it so bad, (refer to earlier comment about book before movie) but I haven't let her. I think the movie was very well done considering how violent the book really is in parts, but I also thought you lost a lot of the story in just the movie. In the end I have agreed to read her the book, but I am, shall we say editing some of the more graphic parts as I read. That has been a challenge but I am loving watching her get involved in the characters and guessing on how it will end or what will happen to Katniss. I love story-time with Sydney. I hope to God that when she is 18 she will still throw herself into my bed while we read through yet another series together. Reading is a passion of mine, and I love sharing that with her regardless of who approves of the books we are reading.

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