Monday, January 14, 2013


So for the first time in to long I made it out to a meeting.  It took a lot to get there and we only staid for the C.O.'s public talk, but I was there. Hurray.

He had so many wonderful points but there was a scripture he shared about falling over and over again (7 times I believe) and Jehovah helping us back up.  Of course this was in a spiritual sense but to me I couldn't help apply it to what I have been going through. How many times have I felt like I couldn't get back up mental or physically let alone spiritually?  How many times have I felt like everyone including myself would be better off if I didn't?  So this scripiture meant alot to me even if it wasn't how he was applying it.

We left right after the public talk, I came home crawled into bed and slept until nine o'clock at night. I only woke up because Sydney was in my room and had turned off the music I was listening to so she could play a game.  I ended up with all of the kids in my room putting both the boys to sleep. And then I was out again and didn't wake up until 1:45 pm today. It's is amazing to me that getting ready and leaving the house for about an hour put me out that hard, made me want to sleep and sleep like I had climbed a mountain, and maybe for my health level I did, but it was worth it.

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