Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - WOW!

Every have one of those weird conversations that should only happen if you were drunk, but that the fact that your sober only seems to make it funnier. Yeah Carla and I we had one of those today.

While discussing the mosquito problem in Walla Walla this year Carla said that she was going to start selling bat HOUSES! of course I had heard bat HOSES and I had this incredible vision of Carla standing in the back yard with some weird ghost busters backpack shooting mosquitoes with a gun that launches bats (like Vector from despicable me with the Squid launcher). Of course I had to share this and this lead to a hilarious discussion about how that would be possible which lead to bat tennis from Man vrs Wild and then I named the website "". At this point Travis stood up and said that we had been spending to much time together.

Maybe he is right and maybe you had to be there to really appreciate how funny that was but it was HILARIOUS and I had to share for some reason.

Hey it's my blog I can share! We all needed the laugh.

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