Sunday, April 15, 2012

boys and bathrooms

My mother took my two nephews on a small road trip on the way to one of our religious assemblies. They stopped for gas and of course the boys had to use a rest room while they were there. Grandma gives them this long list of things that they are not allowed to do in the bathroom, most of which involves just not getting them selves or there suits dirty wet or messed up in any way. She lets them go into the mens room and she can hear them talking and then all of a sudden an insane amount of giggling bursts forth from the bathroom. Mom demands they get themselves together as they are running late and they finally come out. Grandma asks them what was so funny and Jabin says,
"Grandma you know how the toilets flush themselves now? Well we were standing there peeing and the toliet flushed and Ezra looked at it and said "HEY I wasn't done yet!"

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