Sunday, February 3, 2013

Syd the science kid/Realy?

Okay this happened today, and I couldn't pass up sharing.  A few days ago I saw this beautiful geode and saved the picture to show Sydney as she is a geode freak. I find eggshells everywhere as she is experimenting on growing her own. So today I showed her the picture.
Okay in the picture I showed her it still had the label right below the picture that read "Ethiopian opal geode", I even pointed it out to her as I read it aloud. She was in awe, oh my gosh, that is awesome etc. then came the question that made me stop and look at her and say REALLY?!?! I mean she is so smart and very rarely shows her blonde side, but here it came when so excited she asked "Where can you find those?"
Wow, really?

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