Thursday, February 14, 2013

Syd the science kid

I love my daughter and I am glad she loves science, but I am a little tired of her experiments all over the house. I thought we were going to have to declare her room a bio hazard there were so many things growing in there.

I don't often make it to the kitchen anymore, but I would love a few less surprise experiments on the shelves and in the cupboards. The other day it was a vase with vinegar and god knows what and blue food coloring with an egg in it (this eventually dissolves the egg shell and make the egg itself basically a bouncy ball). Then there is the ink pigmentation separation that had layers of coffee filters stacked everywhere.

Tonight's edition of what is Syd the science kid up to involves pulling open my freezer and seeing a carton of eggs, before I could help myself out of my mouth came "Why are there eggs in the freezer?" To which Sydney replied "Oh they aren't really eggs just the shells, by freezing them with......" after that I looked at Travis and shook my head to which he just smiled, apparently he had the same conversation earlier.

You think we would learn! :-)

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