Thursday, March 29, 2012

What are you reading?

The Hunger Games

We spend a lot of time reading in our house. It's something that I loved doing before Travis and I got married and luckily enough it is something he loved doing as well. Our friends laugh at us and say we could start our own used book store with all the books we have lying around the house. We have instilled this love in our kids and aren't surprised at all to find our daughter sitting in a tree reading or our son staring at his books desperately trying to read on his own. Based on this I have decided to add a section to my blog called what are you reading. I will let you know what I am currently devouring, what Syd has been racing through and even what books the boys love the most. So here we go:
My niece has been raving about The Hunger Games for sometime and then they started making the movie about it. The hype got so big about it I decided to give it a try. I can't say that I LOVED the writing. I think that the first few chapters were not written well and I haven't a clue who edited it but they need a new job. That being said if you can hang in there to the training center and even to the arena it self the book picks up dramatically not only in the story it self, but the way she writes. I have to say I finished it in a few hours and wasn't jumping up and down to read the next book, but enjoyed it enough that if I came across the next book I would pick it up, and I do want to see the movie.
I haven't decided if it is a book I will let Sydney read or not just yet. I think some of the concepts are a little to grown up for her, especially in the arena itself, on the other hand I would want her to read it when she gets older as I find that Kaitness is in her own way a role model that I wouldn't be sorry for Sydney to recognize for her strength of mind and her determination to protect her family at all costs.
Would I recommend it? Probably if you find the premise interesting enough to survive the bad writing of the first few chapters, then I think you would love it.

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